Game of Thrones Research Project


"You know nothing, Jon Snow".  So said Ygritte, in one of the many memorable lines from Game of Thrones – before she died, cold, gruesomely and sadly.  Her words are ‘immortalised’ on posters, t-shirts, mugs, panties.  Poor Jon, too.  To ‘die’ knowing so little…

We want to know.  We are a team of researchers – and fascinated followers of the series – who want to know something before we too die…  We want to understand what it is about this show that people of different kinds love, and cannot let go.  Or what has annoyed some people, and upset them.  Will you help us, please, by completing our survey – and telling other people about it?  We promise – as we have always done in the past – to share what we learn, in lots of ways.  We are entirely independent.  We have no connections with George RR Martin or HBO, or with the cast of the show (though, let’s be honest, we would love to have!!).

Who are we?  We are all university researchers, who are undertaking this project without funding support of any kind.  We’ve sensed that Game of Thrones is significant, and important, a Game-Changer (bad pun) – but we’re not (yet) sure how.   All of us have been involved in previous audience projects, of different kinds.  Some of us researched responses to the films of The Lord of the Rings (and then The Hobbit) a few years back.  That taught us a great deal.  Some of us are currently researching the revived Star Wars franchise.  But Game of Thrones is different, clearly.  Has there ever been such a doom-ridden, death-ridden epic series before?  "Winter is coming", indeed.  If you want to know about who we are, and what exactly we are trying to find out, CLICK HERE to get a longer explanation.

We plan to leave this questionnaire open for quite a time.  But we do promise that, once it has closed, we will post back to this site a report on what it achieved: how many people, of what kinds, and so on.  And we promise also to make available a summary of the main things we learn, as we analyse the results.  This will be freely available to anyone interested.

If you have any questions, we will do our best to answer them.  Email Martin Barker (  But in the meantime, please, take 20 minutes to tell us about your thoughts and feelings about Game of Thrones.  And then pass on the web address.  We really do need thousands of people to do this.  Thanks!

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